We are headquartered in Baar, Canton of Zug which is the CHERRY CANTON par excellence.


Why “Pink Cherry Studio”?


When blossoming season comes, the cherry trees are covered of this light pink color, signaling the beginning of spring, a time of renewal and optimism, moving away from high volume manufacturing towards low volume, unique production – more personalized, more crafts-oriented, better designed and locally produced products.


That's the model you will find in our company through our product and portfolio services supported by a comprehensive experience in graphic design, engineering and languages spoken (Swiss German, German, Afrikaans, English and French).

All our portfolio is customizable thanks to a powerful combination of professional software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator), laser cutting and engraving industrial machine (Trotec), a diversity of woodworking tools and team skills.


We are not limited to just laser cutting, we specialize in bespoke unique products that others can’t comprehend - our capabilities vary from jewelry to small-scale furniture.

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